Free Software & Source Code for Downloading

On this page, you will find a list of commercial projects for which specific parts or the complete work I have personally produced.

Personal: projects for which I am personally and exclusively responsible and own.

DX Shell
The DX Shell
The ultimate HAM-radio software for DX Clusters, DX Summit, Contests, and everyday using.

Contest Log Checker
Contest Log Checker
Advanced set of contest tools. Convert ADIF and Cabrillo logs, calculate statistics.

DXPocket Software
Fast, stable, low-traffic, and easy-to-use DX Cluster program for Pocket PC.

Cooperative: projects in which I contribute software or aid in developing programs for different tasks.

Meeting Automation for Sales Professionals
This site contains useful programs that extend the capabilities of Internet Explorer and can enhance your Web browsing experience.
IE Screenshot
IE Screenshot
Save an entire web page as an image file with a single click, in the most popular formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.). Stamp desired text on screenshots, create thumbnails of Web pages and more.

Scottish-Russian ARS
Scottish-Russian Amateur Radio Society official site.
Free Russian hamradio server special for radiofanats from CIS. Search engine on electronic circuits and hamradio programs.

Collaborative: projects in which I am participating as a software developer for a wider group of people.

This site contains Tablet PC Software, Digital Pen Software, Electronic Forms Software and Handheld Software Solutions, Web 2.0 development, dignital signatures, and more.

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