Disk Activity Indicator

Disk Activity Indicator

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Disk Activity Indicator is a little application that displays customizable blinking icon on the System Tray whenever selected hard disk or USB media is accessed.

Disk Activity Indicator can be useful if your PC doesn't have a HDD led (laptop/ultrabook) or if you connected to remote PC using RDP or VNC/RFB applications.

With the Settings dialog box you can select which of the logical disks or hard drives you want to monitor, specify update interval and customize the icons. Additionally, there is an option to run the program at system startup.

You may need to modify your System Tray options, so Disk Activity Indicator stays visible at all times.

Disk Activity Indicator Settings
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Run the program, you'll see a new System Tray icon. You can bring up the menu by clicking the Disk Indicator icon on the System Tray. With the menu options you can open the Settings box, observe installed hard drives and removable media information or exit the program.


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