Thumbnail Database Viewer

Thumbnail Database Viewer

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Thumbnail Database Viewer enables you to view thumbnail cache which is used by Windows to speed up the display of thumbnails in folders (thumbs.db, ehthumbs.db, thumbcache_*.db files).
The cache stores all thumbnails created in a folder even if the original image has been deleted.

Thumbnail Database Viewer can be used in the forensic analysis of thumbs.db (ehthumbs.db, thumbcache_*.db) files providing details of when images were saved and their names and storage locations.

Thumbnail Database Viewer
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Just run this utility and browse for thumbnail cache files from the directory bar. Also you can drag & drop thumbs.db or thumbcache_*.db files on the main window.


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version: 2.2   download   (381KB, revised April 30 2011)

version: 2.0   download   (370KB, revised December 18, 2008)

version: 1.1   download program   (59KB, revised March 15, 2006)    download source  (C#)


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