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TinyTelnet for Android

TinyTelnet for Android

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TinyTelnet is a simple, lightweight telnet client for the Android platform.
Most often, network and system administrators use telnet applications to configure and administer network devices such as servers, routers, switches, etc.

TinyTelnet provides remote console and terminal access to routers and other server systems with 'history' options.

TinyTelnet in action

TinyTelnet Connect screen TinyTelnet menu Run the app, tap on the Connect menu, and fill out the Host Name (or IP address) and the port number in the opened popup dialog. Then click Connect.

Once you have connected to the server, you can send commands from the top panel. The server response will be displayed in the main scrollable window.


version: 2.0   download   (78KB, revised August 20, 2020)    download source  (Android Studio project, Java)

version: 1.0   download   (52KB, revised September 13, 2012)   


If you encounter a problem while running this utility or you have any suggestions, comments, you can send a message to support (at)