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Host is a command prompt Windows utility ported from the Unix Host utility.

The Host utility looks for information about Internet hosts. It gets this information from a set of interconnected servers that are spread across the world.

By default, it simply converts between hostnames and Internet addresses.
However, with the [-d] or [-a] options, it can be used to find all of the information about this host that is maintained by the domain server (A, MX, NS records, TTL).

The arguments can be either hostnames or host numbers. First, the program attempts to interpret them as host numbers. If this fails, it will treat them as hostnames. A host number consists of the IPv4 dotted-decimal quad ( A hostname consists of names separated by dots, e.g.

host example: -a

host [-a] [-d] [-t tries]

Three options can be used after the hostname:

-a   Displays 'all' the information, including A, MX and NS records. Network transactions are not shown in detail.
-d   Turn on debugging. Network transactions are shown in detail.
-t   Number of tries to lookup the host.


version: 1.1   download   (40KB, revised February 3, 2007)


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