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Link Encoder

Link Encoder

© 2006 Igor Tolmachev, IT Samples

Link Encoder enables you to encode email and other links for a website.
So they can't be extracted by rogue internet spiders looking for email addresses to add to junk mailing lists. Encoded links prevent you from getting large amounts of spam.

Link Encoder generates links and text you can copy and paste into web pages and emails. The source code generated by Link Encoder is compatible with all major browsers.

Link Encoder Enter an email address you own, a web page link, or any text you want to different sections of the main window of Link Encoder. After clicking the Generate Code button, you can copy generated code and paste it into your web page or email.

You can switch between the Code and Preview sections to see how it looks on a web page.


version: 1.0   download   (43KB, released October 31, 2006)


If you encounter a problem while running this utility or you have any suggestions, comments, you can send a message to support (at)